Alternatives to Cancelling Your Event - MIT Endicott House

cancel your eventNow is the time for corporate and business event planners to find alternate options for hosting important events. During this time of complying with local, state, and federal guidelines for gatherings, it is still a good idea to look ahead. When lockdowns are a thing of the past, business operations have to take place. It doesn’t matter whether events focus on team building or specialty training. Planners will need to search for alternative approaches and locations, so they don’t have to cancel an event.

Keep Attendees Informed

Even though you may plan to go ahead with your event in the future, it is important to keep your attendees informed. This includes not simply your staff but speakers, vendors, and facility representatives. Things like tentative dates, event details, and updates should be a part of this process. Companies who have secured payment from attendees will also need to come up with a fair strategy for these events. In some cases, allowing virtual attendance is one way to maintain your relationships.

Incorporate Digital Approaches

Fortunately for corporate and organization event planners, there are a number of digital approaches that can be utilized. Most facilities are equipped with streaming capabilities that can transform how people access the event. ON24 encourages planners to find digital options so that cancellations are not necessary. Webinars are options that fit into this category and can be designed to present diverse information to clients or personnel. Virtual retreats are another approach that can take place while a physical presentation is taking place. This reduces the number of people onsite but expands your reach.

Transform Event Marketing

We don’t know for sure what the new normal will be for business operations in all industries around the country. This is one of the reasons why leaders of corporations and companies are looking for alternatives. The way that events are marketed can be transformed by applying some of the approaches that All Aces Promotional highlights. Here are some of those approaches to consider for your upcoming events:

* Utilize Social Media Ambassadors

* Upload Videos to Company Site

* Send Samples for Product Events

* Create Email Blasts to Attendees

Finding creative ways to plan for business and company events is very important during the current pandemic. Many of these are regular or even annual events that are utilized for building brands and increasing business sales. The Dedham retreat provides local and event planners from other locations a way to approach social distancing and company objectives. Instead of canceling your events, you can pursue options that may decrease the number of attendees but still accomplish your goals overall.