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Complete Meeting Packages

Our complete meeting packages are all-inclusive and address every need you may have.

See below for what we offer to our valued guests.

Meeting Inclusions:

  • Guest Room, Single Occupancy, limited double occupancy available
  • Continuous Morning & Afternoon Refreshment Breaks
  • Three Meals* – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • One Primary Conference Room
  • Standard Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Standard Conference Supplies
  • On Site Conference Coordinator
  • Business Center
  • Complimentary LCD Projector (1) with screen


Exceed Expectations!

Be our guest for a complimentary lunch and estate tour!

Complimentary Lunch

5 PLUS GOLD STARS – The MIT Endicott House is a fabulous setting to host an overnight conference or luncheon.  The gorgeous ambiance, private setting, superior food quality, price point, and personalized customer service are the reasons my division at Lincoln Laboratory returns every year.  The management at the Endicott House “magically” make each year better than the year prior….I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve for next year….because the Scotch Tasting was pretty awesome in the Gun Room at our recent event.

Christopher Putko

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Contact Us for a Complimentary Lunch Tour

Are you an event or meeting planner looking for Boston’s smartest destination? Be our guest for a complimentary lunch and estate tour. Colleagues welcome!

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