What Event Planners Need to Consider During COVID-19 - MIT Endicott House

Event planners during COVID-19It is important that business and corporation leaders look ahead toward the future once lockdown rules are released. Although non-essential offices and buildings are not operating currently because of COVID-19, things will eventually change. Once the back-to-business efforts begin, things like staff training and team building activities will need to be scheduled. For this reason, event planners must find ways to achieve these goals.

Event planners during COVID-19 should consider locations that small groups can use for training activities. Team building is definitely still one of the top things that companies are considering during this pandemic.

Some staff are working remotely right now on teams, but once they return to their offices, they will require supplemental training. The stress associated with the new normal, as it relates to administrative and business activities could build over time. This is why medical groups, academic groups, and scientific organizations utilize this retreat facility. It is not too soon for event planners during COVID-19 to prepare for these activities.

Back-to-Work Focuses

According to PCMA, the business events industry will likely be instrumental to the recovery process after COVID-19. This is an industry that includes efforts that reinforce business objectives, as well as, helps employees to readjust after critical changes. One focus that employers will want to invest in is their appreciation for staff. Retreat activities have proven effective over the years where this is concerned.

Accommodate the New Normal

Some experts say that limited numbers of attendees for events, no matter for work or pleasure are likely to remain low. This is one of the reasons why event planners during COVID-19 will need to accommodate the new normal. Smaller groups of staff or even teams should be considered for training activities and events. The type of training, whether it includes presentations, meals, or other activities, may have to be streamlined for a time. The virus has impacted 49% of these types of events.

Important Supplies to Stock

Along with preparing for the new way that businesses are going to have to advance their training efforts, they have to also stock important supplies. It is a good idea to stock things like hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and possibly even face masks. The stigma associated with the virus may continue into the next year, so being prepared for scheduled events is necessary.

Plan for Your Group

This beautiful Boston area location can accommodate large groups, but also small groups, as well. Event planners may be directed to make arrangements for limited numbers of employees. Since there are parameters for gatherings now, such as the 6-feet of distancing, it is important to consider your specific group or team. This is an upscale and popular retreat location, so scheduling and reserving space in advance is important.