Virtual Teambuilding - MIT Endicott House

Virtual Team Building

Currently, teams are not able to be together. Live virtual team building sessions are a fun and effective alternative. MIT Endicott House can customize a program with full facilitation. Below are excerpts from recent programs as examples.

Enjoy a montage of various programs we’ve conducted this fall. More detailed views and varieties shown below. All productions are completely customizable for the size, length and goals of your team.
A program developed for a corporate client to meet their goal having their senior management team feel more motivated and connected. This is a fun, interactive and competitive project that’s appropriate for families to participate in together. Feedback from this group was extremely positive and they look forward to doing it again soon!
Executive Chef, Eddie Cerrato conducted a rehearsal for an upcoming program with MIT’s Electrical Engineering Professor and member of our Board of Governors, John Kassakian. This demonstrated ability to operate a virtual program from multiple locations. Tune into the live crab cake cooking December 10 at 4PM. Password: 241281
Find your new summer beverage. Join us as we explore unique wines for the summer season from Portugal, Austria and Italy (Sardinia and Friuli regions) and delicious and easy Gin, Tequila and Rum Summer beverages. Recipes, below.
Virtual cooking class conducted with a group of MIT graduate students. It was fun, informative and interactive. All ingredients were provided in advance. We incorporated pre-taped components for background. The program in entirety lasted approximately one hour and was a great way for students to connect and create a healthy meal.
We conducted a series of five programs for MIT’s Activity Committee focused on the history of the mansion, the family that resided there and the vast property. While cleaning the attic, our Director of Food & Beverage ran across some of the original owner’s bar set and cocktail recipes. He shared some of those during this virtual cocktail hour. Non-alcoholic versions are also available.
Another session for MIT’s Activity Committee we conducted a series of gardening workshops. MIT Endicott House has 25 acres of gardens and grounds which were designed by landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. The property is home to a great variety of plant species. Our General Manager, Michael Fitzgerald hosts this program on maintaining house plants and their benefits. Additional sessions on container gardening were a great success.