How to Put Pep in Your Corporate Retreat | MIT Endicott House

You have probably witnessed it. Perhaps you’ve even been that person. It’s the big conference and you can’t help but close your eyes for just a second …

Boring conferences are a cliche in the corporate world. However, the reality is everyone is there to work and to learn. Any event planner will tell you that if participants are bored or distracted, all the hard work of planning is wasted. The MIT Endicott House staff can help turn corporate retreats, lectures or seminars around. It starts by pepping up your event in a few ways — ensuring that people are more than awake, you can make sure people are not only not sleeping but excited to be there.

Get a Better Agenda

Let’s be honest. Who wants to sit and listen to hours of lectures? A keynote speaker or a single big-topic lecture is OK, but don’t stuff your day full of listening to the fifth person drone on about how important company culture is.  Try some breakout sections.  Mixing up all the sales reps from different branches in one room and sending all the human resources people into another could help your company grow as a whole and help build morale. You might be surprised at how much people want to help each other.  Even better, mix people randomly. You never know what great idea will come out of unusual pairings.

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Shake Up The Standards

Everyone knows what to expect out of a conference.  Khakis and sandwich platters are great, but they have had their day.  Try including a costume contest. A skit put on by each department. A murder mystery game (which happens to be a fan favorite at MIT Endicott House).

Set the tone of the corporate event with delicious food.From bountiful buffets to private dinners, MIT Endicott House is known for creative cuisine. Our conference planners will guide you through the meal planning process. Every detail, from preparation to presentation will be handled with care and attention.

Your attendees will love it and you could get a fresh wave of ideas out of the change.

Get Moving

It’s easy to stay in those conference center chairs all day and get used to doing nothing.  But by just getting people moving could change the whole event. Silly icebreakers in the room or a walk around your venue could get people out of their rut.  Try to find a venue with great outdoor space.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Same space, same ideas.  Getting out of the office has major benefits.  Get outside.  Find a venue that will let you explore new spaces and inspire the great new ideas that you want.  It will boost morale and help get things done. By getting people into a new space physically, you can achieve a lot more in your brief time constraints.

Take it to the next level.  Take people outside or do unusual activities.  Ropes courses can inspire fearlessness and teamwork.  Games on a lawn can bring about creativity and fresh perspectives.  Don’t underestimate the power of a new surrounding with a supportive team.

At MIT Endicott House, we offer a variety of team building activities — including an obstacle courses for all abilities. you can strengthen your team’s connection and build everlasting bonds in an exciting and truly one-of-a-kind way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Spend

All of these benefits can’t be found in your own office.  Spending on a great conference will pay back in spades once your team starts providing great ideas that bring you more revenue after the conference is over.  Think of it as an investment in your team.

If you want to make your conference the greatest it can be, contact MIT Endicott House. Thinking about a getaway for your group, department, or entire staff? Find out more on our Boston area business retreats page.

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