How Events Must Change to Succeed in the New Normal - MIT Endicott House

succeed in the new normalThe entire world changed once the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. Many industries were negatively impacted, as they were forced to temporarily close their doors. This caused many businesses to have to find a variety of different solutions to continue operating with new lockdown orders in place. One of the most heavily impacted categories was the events industry – and major changes are needed if they are going to succeed in the new normal.

Research is currently ongoing as to the exact way that the coronavirus spreads. That being said, many scientists have confirmed that large gatherings of individuals are one of the primary ways that the virus itself spreads. Therefore, event organizers must consider new and innovative solutions to organizing and maintaining events with our new expectations for what “normal” is.

Thankfully, there are several different tactics that these coordinators can pursue to ensure they continue to succeed in the new normal.

Localize or Digitize Your Events

Many organizations transitioned relatively quickly to digital platforms in order to keep meeting on a regular basis. While this transition may not be easy, it is one of the most effective ways to meet with other individuals “face to face” while unable to do so physically. Keeping meetings digital allows for effective communication, as well as presentation and exploration of new ideas.

Alternatively, as the prospect of potentially gathering begins to open up as certain areas of the United States begin dissolving stay at home orders, small gatherings may be able to be permitted. That being said, event organizers may consider localizing events. While it takes quite a lot of prep work and coordination to create a series of more localized events, this may be important to the success of events moving forward. Ensuring that individuals are still able to interact on a personal level while promoting safety is going to be a major factor in uniting people moving forward. Using technology to unite multiple local meetings brings everyone together.

Utilize Social Media

More than ever, social media is going to be important. We use social media to connect with others on a daily basis already. However, event coordinators will be able to use it to organize, gather, and develop plans for individuals to plan and attend meetings, both virtually and locally. It will also give event coordinators a better visualization of the number of attendees for local events, better enabling them to limit excessive attendance.

Furthermore, this gives coordinators the ability to easily plan multiple sessions for events, based on interest and availability. Being able to view available times and plan accordingly will allow events to take place when individuals can participate – especially now that scheduling may be somewhat less consistent for some.

Connect Smaller Meetings to the Bigger Picture

As an event coordinator, one of your largest roles this year is going to be finding a way to tie meetings together. Localized meetings for events will need to be connected to the global picture. Integrating and connecting the events of each separate meeting and finding a way to tie it all together is vastly important to maintaining the feeling of unity during an event.

Ultimately, there will be many changes that we have to go through, as humans, when stay at home orders are lifted nationwide. It is important to consider these challenges and find creative solutions to overcome them now. This will give event coordinators worldwide the ability to succeed as we collectively adapt to our new normal.