Comparing Conference Centers in Boston, Massachusetts - MIT Endicott House

Downtown Hotel vs. MIT’s Endicott House for Your Next Meeting or Retreat

Making a decision about where to host your next corporate retreat, leadership meeting, departmental brainstorming session, or personnel training event? We know it can be difficult with all the variables in play.

A downtown hotel has a few advantages, being in the center of a bustling city being one of them. But if you want focused, productive time for learning or decision making, MIT’s Endicott House has freedom from distraction built in. We certainly cater to the rich academic community here in the Boston area, but did you know we also host meetings and retreats for major corporations, medical groups, and national organizations?

Why choose MIT’s Endicott House?

Once you’ve visited here it’s not difficult to see why so many groups book our facility for the day, weekend, or even a full week. There’s a long list of amenities ¬†and advantages you’ll enjoy by staying over at the house, but we know that cost is probably at the top of your list when it comes to choosing the right place for your event.

Let’s compare the cost of a typical downtown Boston hotel with the Endicott House. Picture a meeting with a dozen of your leaders, team members, or trainees for a day of working together. The cost breakdown for a hotel is shown on the left. For a flat fee of $140 each for the same 12 people, MIT’s Endicott House can provide a distraction-free, naturally inspiring, easy-to-get-to mansion for your day of meetings.

It’s not a difficult choice! The beige, paper-thin walls of a downtown hotel… or a richly¬†appointed mansion furnished with period antiques, original fixtures and decorations; gourmet meals and snacks prepared on-site; and genuine personal attention from our staff.

The Endicott House is a refreshing change from the same old thing. Nestled in the leafy suburbs of Boston, only 12 miles from downtown, our property is designed to elicit creativity and inspiration. Leave your distractions at the gate and get ready for natural light through windows a-plenty, comfy chairs and an on-site staff that can make things happen just the way you imagined. And more free parking than you can fill.

Let’s do lunch! Come take a tour of our magnificent facility and get a preview of what we can do with fresh ingredients, some from our own kitchen garden. After you experience what we can do for your group, that downtown hotel won’t look like such a good deal anymore.