Best Virtual Team Building Events For Remote Teams - MIT Endicott House

Attractive happy young student studying online at home, using laptop computer, headphones, having video chat, waving. remote work, distance education. video conference or virtual event on quarantine Premium PhotoWith the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are facing the reality of having remote employees. This creates a whole new list of challenges for business leaders. One of the biggest challenges is creating a great environment of teamwork without being able to rely on the physical connection that many of these activities provide. Fortunately, virtual team building has been perfected to offer business leaders the ability to foster camaraderie and teamwork with one another.


Tiny Campfire


One of the best ways to allow people to relax and connect with one another is over a fire. While you can’t foster a bonfire for your team, you can offer a virtual tiny campfire. This activity is constructed with small tea lights and smores kits for all your staff members.


As they enjoy roasting their marshmallows over the small fire, they’ll experience trivia, games, and hear historical ghost stories. This provides a fun experience for all members as it brings back childhood memories and relaxation.


Online Office Games


At the basis of any virtual team building activity is games. There’s something special that happens when everyone is working together for a common goal. Since your office workers can’t connect over a physical game, the next best thing is online games. This team building activity works by having Office Olympics.


There are a number of online games that can promote engagement among your team members. Some of the most popular include scavenger hunts and fast-paced trivia games. These Office Olympic games are very versatile in the fact that you can have teams of all sizes. This is perfect for offices where different departments or teams are of varying sizes.


Virtual Icebreakers


Icebreakers are a great team building activity that can be thrown in at the beginning of any online meeting. Or, you can opt for a 90-minute period of just ice breaker games that will be sure to get the whole team excited. Icebreaker games are the perfect solution to get people to be a little more vulnerable about themselves. When people are vulnerable, they tend to open themselves up more to other people.


There are many icebreaker games that you can use with your virtual team. Some of the most popular include Do You Really Know Your Team, Snapshot, Dance Party, and Open Mic. The icebreaker games that you pick will be highly dependent on the individual aspects of your team. Try to pick games that will be fun and enjoyable for your team.


Home Photo Sharing


One of the best ways to really get to know someone is to see where they live. Each person’s home is going to be a reflection of their interests, tastes, and overall personality. With a home photo sharing activity, you can have each team member give a photo or video tour of their home.


You may ask team members to do a video tour or to simply upload a few photos of areas of their home that they love. Either way, sharing these photos and videos with other staff members can assist your team in getting to know each other’s tastes and personality better.


As much of the world shifts to remote working, for the time being, business leaders are having to construct new ways of fostering highly productive teams. Team Building activities have always been the backbone of any good team. With the activities above, you can continue to foster team building among your staff members, even in a virtual environment.