Top 5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue - MIT Endicott House
Congratulations! You’re engaged! 

Now comes the hard part: planning your wedding. Suddenly, your head is swarming with questions. When and where do you want your wedding? How many people will you invite? Do you want it casual or formal?

The one detail that will make or break your wedding also known as the one detail that when you get it right causes all of the other details to fall in place — no pressure! — is the venue.  Here are some of the factors that will help you locate the best wedding venue:

The Guest List

wedding venue bostonIt is often difficult to decide who to invite and who to leave out from the proverbial wedding guest list. It’s vital to know the number of guests you want depending on how small or large the event will be. This number will also depend on the venue. Any wedding planner will tell you that it’s imperative that you consider the comfort of your guests.

Websites such as Rustic Wedding Guide can give you an idea of what venues are available throughout the United States. Each venue will clearly indicate the number of guests it can accommodate. This will help you nix some venues and consider those that will best meet the needs of your guest list. This also will save you a lot of search time. MIT’s Endicott House Conference Center will hold 125 guests and guarantee them unrivaled comfort with a beautiful backdrop of 25 acres of gardens and grounds and a 1934 French chateau style mansion.

The Wedding Style

The wedding style or theme that considers design and style is an element that many couples take lightly. Weddings are supposed to be extraordinary in order to make your day special. When you identify the style you want for your wedding, you can choose venues to visit and easily cancel out the others. Finding a venue that is designed to suit the theme of your wedding will save you time and decor costs.

Services Provided by the Wedding Venue

wedding venue bostonWhen searching for the best wedding venue, consider whether you need full services.Full services include catering, decorations, staffing, post-wedding clean up, and provision of restrooms and rooms used for preparations and photo opportunities. Sometimes, a couple prefers to hire the space only and undertake the rest of the planning themselves.  Some venues will organize everything from the wedding chapel to the reception based on your preferences. However, some venues have strict rules about third party vendors. For instance, some venues will only provide space requiring that you work on the decor and catering services while other venues require their preferred vendors. 

The MIT Endicott House provides accommodation services in their uniquely designed modern guest rooms, fine foods, and elegant receptions. The services you receive are based on the package plan you get: all-inclusive or exclusive.

A Place For All Events

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wedding venue bostonLocation, Location, Location

When deciding on a venue, you should consider where your guests will be coming from and how accessible the venue is. If you have local guests, what is the proximity of the venue to them? If your guests are international, take into account the proximity of the venue to the airport.

Availability and Cost

Various wedding venues are available on booking while others may require you to be enrolled to the waiting list. The availability of your selected venue will affect the date you set for the wedding. If it is unavailable on the wedding date of your choice, you will need to consider other dates.

Try making a list of questions that you want answered about choosing a venue and MIT Endicott House will have answers for you. Do not shy away from asking any question because each question could help you determine whether the venue suits your needs. It may also be helpful for you to visit any venue you’re considering when they are hosting a similar event and take pictures to experience their services firsthand help you to know what is the right decision. Afterwards, read the venue’s terms and conditions of the contract to make sure everything you want is in writing and that there are no hidden loopholes through which you can be extorted later. Everything you agree on should be in writing and signed by the management for assurance.

If you are looking for a beautiful French-Style wedding venue just outside of Boston, MIT’s Endicott House is the perfect location for you. Sitting on a 25-acre landscape less than 12 miles from the city of Boston, we offer a full range of options from a simple wedding location to a fully catered reception venue, with private rooms available for wedding party preparation. Call us today at 617-253-5211 or fill out an online contact form for more information and we will get back to you within 24 hours!