Top Wedding Trends in 2019 - MIT Endicott House

wedding trends 2019Wedding trends are constantly evolving, year-over-year, which means that this year’s celebrations are uniquely different than last years. While every wedding idea, which encapsulates décor, fashion components, floral arrangements, and venues changes regularly, it is unusual that the newest trends replace the old. Instead, each year adds to the existing roster of big-day ideas giving the newly-engaged more options than ever. For this reason, the trends in 2019 have been extra exciting as they’ve captured the past and present.

Colorful Attire

While still a popular option for traditional weddings, the days of the groom wearing a traditional penguin suit have expanded to a variety of color palettes. No longer is the colorful fun saved for the hidden socks or jacket lining. Instead, the 2019 groom is wearing colorful attire for all the world to enjoy.

Create Your Bag

One of the most interesting wedding trends in 2019 is to create your welcome bag. Mindful gifting has become popular and many wedding parties digitally send welcome information with a swag bag assembly station at the reception.

Edgy Color Palettes

With weddings becoming edgier each year, why not change the color palettes. This is an interesting trend considering moodier accents contrast with romantic blush décor, bright photography and softer textures. More couples are becoming adventurous with their color palettes by non-traditionally clashing colors.

Head-Turning Wedding Cakes

The “statement cake” is a trend that is rising in 2019 and will likely spill over into 2020. Dessert displays offering various treats were dominant in 2018, but this year, couples are trending toward splurging on one central focal point: the historically iconic wedding cake. Most couples agree to go big and bold.

Minimalistic Design

While minimalism has been popular for the past decade or so, it is now breaking into the wedding industry. To pull off a minimalist style at a wedding, the simple color palettes with only a few colors and clean lines must be used. This is a completely different approach from the edgy color palette trend. Also, natural elements like stone, marble and wood tones must be incorporated into the overall design.

Personalized Place Settings

For smaller weddings, you can create personalized place settings for your guests. Couples are moving away from generic place cards and toward hand-written notes which adds a special touch for those supporting your big day.

Royal Wedding Flower Arrangements

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding has inspired an entire trend for 2019. Many couples are using larger-than-life floral arrangements, such as those found over the entrance door at the royal wedding. This exact type of arrangement is popular for the 2019 wedding season.

Unconventional Venues

The modern bride and groom are opting for unconventional venues like botanical gardens, beautiful bars and restaurants, boutique hotels, rustic barns, and picturesque colleges to break away standard ballroom venue. One such scenic wedding venue is MIT Endicott House, which is one of the best destinations for various types of events, including wedding receptions.

Vellum Paper

The final trend to look out for in 2019 is the use of vellum paper accents. Vellum can be used for escort cards, as envelopes with professionally drawn internal artwork or as an overlay for invitations. Vellum is one of many ways paper goods are evolving in the wedding industry. Other
mediums like suede, gold leafing, acrylic, and leather are also being thrown into the mix.

Weddings continue to evolve while still capturing a sense of classic ambiance. The main observation of wedding trends in 2019 is couples are becoming edgier, bolder and in some instances, more grandiose than their parents. On the other hand, some couples enjoy the minimalistic aspect of a wedding.