Top Meeting Planning Trends of 2019 - MIT Endicott House

meeting planning trendsTwenty-nineteen has given us a flow of innovative meeting planning trends and as an event organizer, you will soon be left behind if you’ve failed to adjust to the changes. Owing to the advanced event expertise, wearable technology and real-time data (RTD) will soon be the custom. There is a high expectancy from the envoys, and now it’s up to the meeting professionals to offer state-of-the-art meeting experiences and modernized events—from production excavation to an endless display of industrial developments. The world of conferences continues to advance, and meeting organizers must keep the pace. As reservations continue to change from phone and message to collaborative online daises, remaining positioned on the top of endless meeting trends gets to be more important than ever before. Planners—forming unforgettable experiences and elevating attendee communication should be number one on your wish lists. Here are the best meeting planning trends of the year:

Stage Design

More than anything, the stage is the first thing that grasps your attendees’ attention. Making the correct feeling in an environmental event to lay the right tone has been a widespread tendency in 2019. Introducing recent imagery systems like 3D projection, lamps in place of strip lighting, cushion and plants as well as rugs, can generate a friendly environment that inspires envoys to participate and engage more. The design should visibly reflect your specific goals for the occasion. For example, you can use lights and color to strengthen themes by altering the light to match the subject of the conference.

Warm Intellect Events

The design of expressively including wellness into the working area is not a new thing, but this year this is creating its way into both conferences and events. Either you’re beginning a conference with a careful breathing activity or having devoted mental health meetings at events; a warm intelligence is finding its way into meetings on the external side of the office.

Occasional Event Arrangements

Because the success of an event will be defined by its envoy’s familiarity and engagement, planners will be presenting advanced arrangements to conferences and events in 2019. These arrangements include holding workshops in rare settings like tipis and distributing some gratified in replicated environments using simulated reality. Additionally, moving a meeting stage to the middle of the chamber and adding cushions and sofas as a replacement of formal seating can change the normal conference setup.

Food Preparation

There will be an increase in demand for organic and local menus in 2019 for venues to show their devotion to local and superior merchants. Special nutritional needs are the modern custom. The effort will be firm to ensure that all guests’ nutritional needs and wants are provided. As many individuals consider themselves gourmets, appealing to envoys through rare food experiences will make events remarkable.

Augmented Authenticity

The year of AR— particularly when used to advance audience engagement earlier, during and after the event. AR can give consecutive guidelines to attendees, recognize event attendee with face identification abilities, and also lets attendees interrelate with people and products via a hologram. This is how AR will change the way event attendees visualize and connect, particularly in 2019.

As meeting industry trends continue to advance, organizers and venues should double up appropriately. Attendees will hope for more in 2019, and it’s upon the meeting professionals to deliver.