The REAL Way to Host a Distraction-Free Retreat - MIT Endicott House

The act of retreating from everyday pressures is essential for groups from a workplace as it is for healthy individuals. Having a retreat as a group can bring countless positive results, like improving the cohesion among the group. A truly meaningful retreat takes planning and an eye for detail in finding a great solution for creating a remarkable event.

The planning stage can be as important as the retreat itself. Of the many factors to consider, one of the most important is the location and venue for the getaway.

Is your retreat for work or play?new england retreat locations

The retreat experience is heavily affected by the environment you choose. Looking for New England retreat locations? There’s a wide array of possibilities in and around Boston; hotels and conference centers abound. A retreat in the urban environment of Boston is not a bad idea and may work well for some purposes, but consider a retreat just outside the big city if you have goals that include high impact, high quality and low distraction.

The suburbs are perceived as a place of isolation and, in the nicer areas, as expensive to live in as an urban apartment or condo. Planners opt to choose retreats in the city for a lot of reasons, but there are elements of a less congested and fast-paced environment that may be just what you need for your work and play away from the routines of the workplace.

Benefits of Escaping the City

One purpose of a retreat is to clear the mind, relax and have fun in a new location away from the familiar. A suburban setting offers all these benefits; We think more effectively than an urban meeting. You know that meeting in urban environments might not be all that relaxing. While crowds, traffic and the energy that drives urban life could be what you’re looking for, don’t expect those factors to contribute to the focus and product of a cohesion-building retreat.

Getting There is Part of the Experience

Outside the built up areas, roads are of course less traveled and that by itself can put your guests in the best frame of mind as they join their colleagues for some time together. Get out of the city and your mood elevates in response to the quiet of green spaces and fresh air.

Endicott House is not far from Boston or other east coast cities. Our New England retreat location features (drum roll, please) free, no-hassle parking. No worries about finding a safe or cheap place to park. Spacious and convenient lots are normal for most non-urban facilities, including Endicott House.

When you arrive at your quiet spot after a nice drive to get there, you can expect to encounter fewer distractions. Gone is the drama of city life; No police or fire sirens or car horns assaulting your sanity. You have the place to yourself and the space to concentrate on the focus of the retreat without being scattered in many directions. Wake up to the sound of birds singing instead of garbage trucks clanging.

Having your attendees’ full attention for the time you are together is a great thing for bonding and teamwork. Venues like ours don’t have the pull of unplanned, extracurricular activities distracting your people from the purpose of your retreat, neither are they tempted to “run home for just a minute.”

Natural scenery provides the ideal background for creativity. Whether you’re creating fine art, making tough decisions or solving difficult problems, a quiet and peaceful environment can enhance innovative thinking.

New England Retreat Locations

You might be surprised at the price as well. A suburban property may be less expensive when you factor in ALL the line item charges for a city hotel or conference center. Booking a reservation in a hotel or conference center can cost your organization, especially if there’s travel from out of town involved. The cost of living, utilities and general overhead can be lower than an in-demand urban hotel. Why not spend the same budget on a higher-end facility outside the city as you would a just-OK conference center in a downtown area.