Serving Food at Events During the Pandemic - MIT Endicott House

Covid-19 is a dangerous pandemic that, at one point, led to putting all social gatherings to a complete stop across the globe. Most catering companies have been greatly affected and have been forced to put their employees on permanent leave. The owners of these companies have witnessed their food outlets, losing billions of income due to the deadly coronavirus. They should, therefore, get very creative in their business to adapt these modern times and also help in keeping their businesses operating.

Delivery and Takeout

The various unavoidable circumstances brought about by Covid-19 has very few options now. One of the only ways that these companies are left with is offering delivery and other takeout options to their clients. One of these ways is ensuring that they supply family-style food that is well packaged. These meals can feed at least four to seven people. They should come oven-ready to be heated and with described heating instructions. The process is simple because deliveries are done right to the client’s house. Due to the many lessons we have learned from the dangerous pandemic, we must be ready to put a thank you note in the bag. These notes will help show your customers that you care.

Also, in the bags, ensure you include the business card so that the customer may now know the person’s contact if they happen to have any concerns or questions. Adding the business card will give the patron a sense of security and that safety is very important to them. Most importantly, it would help if you considered including the name of the person handling the order to give it a nice touch of hospitality and traceability. These foods should also be prepared and served following the directives on how to safely serve food at events.

New Ideas and Menus

The lessons we have learned while in lockdown should teach us how to add new ideas in the way we deliver packed foods. New menus, which would help increase our bodies’ immunity, is very important during this critical period. The other way the catering companies have won in this fight is by preparing foods that can sustain a long trip to the customers without compromising on taste. Some catering joints have also added heating instructions, which will help them educate their clients on the best ways to make their foods tasty.

When a company can create new menus every week, it will keep its customer’s loyalty. New menus are one great way to keep the business activities and remain in the market for longer periods. The menu can grab your customer’s attention, who are anticipating to continue buying food from the company. Learning how to safely serve food at events must be taught by those who are passionate about the lives of other people.

Lending a Helping Hand

We are living in a very uncertain time. Many people do not know what is to come next for them. It is always a wise move to join the other philanthropists while in the catering industry. We are in the perfect time to help us reflect and give others what they may not afford during this pandemic. Considering the millions of jobs that have been lost, it is crystal clear that many families cannot afford a meal. This made life difficult for children whose parents have lost their jobs. Others have been caught unaware, and their credit cards are reading negative balances. The government may not be in a position to feed everyone, and it is always a wise move by the companies that are still in business to consider assisting the people in need. This consideration to the poor will help them continue increasing their clientele.