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Meeting and Event Trends for 2022

by MIT Endicott House

Event planning is something that needs to be done with careful attention to all details. Effective event planning takes many factors into account. One of the single most important are the kind of trends that are going on at any given time. All those in the event planning world need to be aware of what their clients want when it comes to planning an event at their venue. This means understanding the biggest trends in the coming year right now. There are many event trends for 2022 that people who work in this industry should understand in order to meet their customer’s expectations.

Virtual Events

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Virtual events will continue to have an impact in the new year. People expect to continue to be part of events that largely take place online. They also expect such events to be well organized. It’s not enough to put up a few Zoom sessions and call it a day. Those who are going to attend them are expecting a lot more. It’s important to get the plans in place and prepare your guests well in advance.

Corporate Responsibility

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Corporations are expected to continue to assume more responsibility in the world. Leadership is crucial. Any effective event planning in the new year will require you to do your best to remind all of your attendees of this fact. That means being able to organize events that are eco-friendly and yet allow people to gather together. Diversity is also important. Event planners who are looking at event trends for 2022 want to make sure that all voices are heard. That means looking for varied points of view from all over the spectrum and keeping it highly inclusive.

In Person Events Will Return

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Another trend that will continue is the return of the in person event. As efforts to continue to combat COVID come to fruition, it becomes safer and safer for people to meet in person. Many people are still well aware of the need to stay safe. That’s why they’ll be coming to an event with protective equipment like masks. At the same time, many people value the desire to stay as safe as possible. Events based on in person meetings will be organized around this plan. Making sure that everyone is safe is a priority for any event planner in the modern era.

Shorter Events

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For many people, the days of flying into one place and staying there for a week or even longer are over at least for the immediate future. In many instances, the goal is to get in and out. It’s a lot harder for many people to get visas to come to places like the United States. It’s also a lot riskier for residents who want to attend a conference. Short conferences are one way of keeping people safe. They’re also one way to keep things moving. A jam packed weekend schedule allows for a lot of networking in a relatively short time.

Increased Flexibility

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Those who look to the world of event planning will also note a useful trend towards increased flexibility in the way people can attend their planned events. Many event planners are offering hybrid events. These mean some are partially in person and partially online. People can attend the events in the morning in person and then watch from afar in the afternoon. That is a great way to combine modern technology with the benefits of staying safe from the COVID-19 infection at the same time. These trends are how to bring people together in the new year.


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