Making a Rain Plan for your Outdoor Event - MIT Endicott House

“Rain, rain, go away, my outdoor event is today”

Everything you need to know about Plan B


It’s the day before your event. Thunderstorms won’t stop rolling in. The grass is wet and the rain won’t stop.  Months of plannings are literally washing down the drain. With a calm attitude and these easy steps, your day will be saved in no time:

Can your event go on in the rain?

Light drizzles at a company picnic cna be OK, but hail at a wedding is going to ruin the day. If you are unsure, check with people helping you plan and your venue.  Venue staff may have tricks to make bad weather better or guide you to move inside. Some venues may have convenient indoor/outdoor space like a patio or gazebo that will make your day more flexible.  If you are able to stay outside, notify your guests that the activities will continue as planned. It’s a great idea to advise rain jackets and umbrellas or even give out branded swag to help with the rain. If the weather is too bad or your event requires clear skies, it’s time to move into an indoor venue.

Moving the Meeting

After deciding the weather is too bad to go on, you can choose to move the event indoors or choose a rain date before your event.  For major events, it is best to simply move indoors and ensure that people are able to attend as scheduled. If your event requires outdoor space, like rope courses or bird watching, move the event to a rain date.

When planning any outdoor event, a venue should provide you with a back-up indoor space in case of inclement weather. Give your venue a call or visit to setup your indoor space.  Make sure that you will have enough chairs, tables, amenities and space to suit your event.

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Adjust your Activities

Chances are you had tons of fun outdoor activities planned.  Many of these can be adapted for the indoors. Sometimes this can make your event even more fun than expected. Push those chairs against a wall and play icebreakers in the middle of a ballroom or bring your favorite outdoor games inside ( the “monkey in the middle” game inside may even feel rebellious).  Bringing the lighthearted fun of outdoors inside will keep spirits high and your guests will appreciate that they are able to escape the rainy day with the fun you had planned.

Embrace your changes

Yes, you had to move your event inside.  But take on this challenge as an opportunity for a different kind of event.  A summertime picnic inside is a great way to decorate and make everyone feel comfortable.  Field games indoors could be a completely different experience for your guests.

Stay Flexible

There is always a chance that the sun will come out at the last minute and you are able to have your event outside after all.  Stay flexible and positive about the changes in your day. You never know what exciting things could happen when you need to adapt.

At MIT Endicott House, we are pleased to offer indoor and outdoor venue space for all event sizes.  We also offer a lovely covered terrace that offers the comfort of indoors while still giving the atmosphere of outside.  Your outdoor events are always in good hands with our event planners and, with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, your day will always be packed full of unique fun.  Call us today at 617-253-5211 or fill out an online contact form for more information and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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