Meeting the Best Event Planner Associations - MIT Endicott House

Event planning is a rewarding business, but can be challenging for individuals that are looking for new clients. If you’re an event planner searching for ways to take your company to new heights, it may be time to join a meeting planning association. These associations help to improve your success in finding venues, connecting with vendors and networking with other like-minded individuals. Consider the following event planning associations:


The Wedding International Professionals Association is designed to bring industry professionals together for networking purposes as well as for continued education. WIPA is made up of event planners, in addition to hoteliers, venues, and officiants. WIPA has nine chapters in the United States and offers its members access to all meetings, business mentoring programs, industry news, and support from a tight-knit community.


The NACE or National Association for Catering and Events has 40 chapters across the country. By joining NACE, you’ll have access to this larger national network as well as local entrepreneurs and businesses in your area. NACE meets once a year as the NACE Experience Conference. This conference allows NACE members to be apart of innovative education and incredible networking opportunities.


Meeting Professionals International or MPI exists as the largest event and meeting planning association in the world. MPI focuses on promoting best business practices and high-level education. MPI offers various levels of membership which allows their members to customize their involvement based on any particular preference and time. With more than 90 different chapters throughout the world, MPI provides its members with the most extensive network of event planning professionals.


Meeting planners that work for colleges and universities will benefit from ACCED-I. The Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International or ACCED-I partners with over 1,300 campus event planners that coordinate, plan, market, and design special events and conferences for universities and colleges all over the world. ACCED-I increases the visibility of these events professionals and hosts a yearly conference as well.


ILEA or the International Live Events Association has 51 chapters internationally. ILEA is made up of event professionals that are looking to network across the country and around the world. Through ILEA, members gain access to valuable resources, exclusive events, and the opportunity to win IELA Espirit Awards.


The International Association of Conference Centers or the IACC is an international association for event planners and companies that are focused on creating exemplary meeting experiences. Through IACC, professionals in the event planning industry can discover the most innovative meeting venues and network with other meeting professionals from around the world. Event planners choose IACC to further understand how to build their own incredible meeting experiences.


IAVM or the International Association of Venue Managers brings together international venues, and senior executives and managers from many of the worlds largest performing arts centers, stadiums, exhibit halls, arena, and convention centers. Through IAVM, event planners can become connected with employees from some of the world’s largest venues. IAVM can serve as a resource for event planners everywhere and a place of networking for venue managers. 


Event planning associations can give your company the boost it needs. Use this guide to help you navigate your way to the right association for your event planning business. Are you an event or meeting planner looking for Boston’s smartest destination? Be our guest for a complimentary lunch and estate tour.