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There’s a common misconception in the world of business regarding millennials and their fondness of business meetings. Millennials are often thought to be easily bored by meetings, as they typically spend the entirety of meetings going through their phones or laptops. However, millennials don’t necessarily hate meetings—they simply want these meetings to matter. Read on for six ways to better engage millennials in meetings.

1. Bridge Generational Gaps

Millennials in most companies reportedly feel that senior coworkers and management don’t relate to them. These generational gaps make it difficult for millennials to feel as though they are a valued part of the team, resulting in communication issues, as well as a distinct lack of respect for senior management. Employers that hope to get their junior team members on board must do a better job of bridging generational gaps. By finding ways to bring all members together through collaborative efforts, employers will be able to foster better relationships between everyone on their team.

2. Make Everyone’s Voice Heard

Part of bridging generational gaps in the workplace has to include making sure everyone’s voice is heard. In some organizations, it isn’t uncommon for senior staff members to drown out their younger counterparts by overpowering them in meetings and in the workplace. Millennials that feel as though their voice doesn’t matter will lose respect for their coworkers and feel less loyalty towards their employer.

Employers can avoid the above scenario by making their workplace a safe space for every employee. Employers should take steps to make sure everyone’s voice is heard by breaking up large meetings into smaller teams where everyone has the opportunity to share their opinions.

3. Make Meetings Visually Engaging

The secret about the traditional sit-down, lecture-style business meeting is that everyone finds them boring—not just millennials. All team members will be better engaged with more stimulating meetings. Meetings shouldn’t be lectures; they need to be participatory discussions with everyone in the room. As millennials, and everyone else, are encouraged to share during these meetings, they’ll be able to focus better and stay engaged throughout the duration of the meeting.

4. Challenge Millennials

Millennials offer a fresh perspective to any organization. However, many of them are given entry-level jobs and aren’t able to use their skills to the best of their abilities. Employers would do well to recognize the talents of their junior team members and challenge them more. In the context of a business meeting, millennials can be tasked with leading the discussion or spearheading a specific project. When millennials are given the opportunity to take the lead, they’ll view these business meetings in an entirely different light.

5. Make Meetings Less Frequent

When it comes to meeting, millennials truly value quality over quantity. In order for meetings to be the most productive, employers should only hold meetings when necessary. In most cases, important decisions can be made through a series of phone calls or emails. With fewer meetings, millennials and other staff members can save their energy for tasks that require more energy and focus.

6. Escape the Board Room

Part of what makes a meeting boring are all the conventional aspects. Everything from the boardroom to the single speaker at the front of the room makes the whole experience feel more like a lecture than an engaging collaborative experience. Taking meetings from the board room to a more exciting location helps to break participants out of the routine boredom that follows the traditional meeting setup.

Meetings are an important part of any organization and millennials understand that with these six strategies, business owners can get millennials on board with their meetings.

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