Five Ways to Make a Wedding Reception Memorable (and with the Least Amount of Stress) - MIT Endicott House

(Photo: Charlotte Design – At MIT Endicott House)

Receptions can range from beautiful to blah. The pursuit of the perfect wedding reception can be difficult and lead to unnecessary stress during the planning process of your event.  

Here are some easy ways to make your reception beautiful and stress free.

Make Everyone Comfortable

It’s the little details that count. Making sure there is enough seating and that the temperature is right tops the list of comfort must-haves.

It is important to be aware of the number of people a room can hold, and how that number differs with tables or dancefloors taking up space. Ask about the maximum people capacity and what would make your guests comfortable.

At MIT Endicott House, we offer a variety of room sizes and floor plans to suit any reception.  In addition to the world-class conference center, we offer elegant and refined reception rooms for any wedding or corporate event.

Make The Day Easy

Even the best days can be ruined by traffic or unhelpful customer service. Make sure that your event space is easy to get to — no matter the transportation type. No one wants to drive four hours to the nearest airport. Ask if your venue could provide transportation if needed.  

Nothing is more imperative than great customer service and employees at the venue.  On-site event planners and coordinators make your life easier and help delegate on-site staff. If employees are difficult to work with on the phone or via email, you may want to look elsewhere.

Planning a Special Event?

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Food Is Essential

Don’t let your guests become cranky, hangry toddlers.  Having plenty of food for your event will keep people happy and motivated. Don’t forget to accommodate everyone by offering vegetarian and vegan options. Other options for dairy-free and gluten intolerance also are highly recommended.

Above all else, the food must be delicious.  No one wants to eat from a salad bar with dry chicken.  Make crowd-pleasing choices that match the sophistication of your event.  Does your venue offers tastings or a more descriptive menu?

Don’t Forget The Music

Band or DJ? String Quartet or Jazz Saxophone? Pop or Classical?

Choosing your music may seem like an easy choice (“I’ll just make a playlist”). However, music sets the tone for your wedding reception — affecting the energy level and guest attitude.  Everyone should be comfortable with the music choice but not so comfortable they are falling asleep. Finding a balance between upbeat songs and crowd-pleasing hits is difficult, but the balance could be what takes your event from average to unforgettable.

If you are unsure about what music you want at your event, consult a band or DJ who has performed at similar events. Highly regarded venues will have recommendations for music providers. That is always a great place to start.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Taking inspiration from your wedding theme or the venue itself can help tie together your entire wedding reception.  From fairytale to corporate formal, decorations can help any event feel personal and appropriate. At MIT Endicott House, there is plenty of aesthetic inspiration, thanks to our 25 acres of beautifully designed landscape.

Beyond flowers and tablecloths, you may want to consider personal touches, such as photos, small gifts or activities that include a photo booth or dancefloor.  Finding the right balance of decorated and cluttered can be guided by on-site staff or by an aesthetically minded planner on your team. No matter who decorates, the entire room will be influenced by their decisions. Remember, the only thing in every picture is the room they are taken in.

At MIT Endicott House, we want to help make your wedding reception perfect.  From planning to centering flowers, we have the expertise to elevate any event.  On 25 acres of beautiful grounds and with a multitude of exquisite rooms, we are ready to make any event one to remember.  Call us today at 617-253-5211 or fill out an online contact form for more information and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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