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Fall Event Ideas For Business Teams

by MIT Endicott House

Fall is the perfect time for a get-together. For employers who are looking for ways to help their employees bond, fall events can be a great option. These fun ideas are just right for any company owner or manager who’s looking for a good way to encourage bonding among their employees. Here are some easy fall event ideas and activities that are perfect for business teams.

fall event ideas

A Pumpkin-Themed Workshop

Fall Event Ideas

Pumpkins are a symbol of fall. Make them the center of a fun series of fall games for your company’s workers! You’ll find lots of ways to bring in the pumpkin fun for everyone at your company. Start with a pumpkin decorating contest. Assign each team a few pumpkins of their own. Have them come up with varied designs that can be applied to each one. One person in each team can act as the supervisor. The others can carry the theme out. Make sure you provide plenty of tools for each member of the team to get things done on the pumpkin. Have someone act as the final judge of the results. Offer prizes for all sorts of innovative designs.

Fall Cooking Classes

fall event ideas

This is the ideal time to have fun with cooking classes. Fall is the time when you can expect to see a lot of produce available for harvest. This includes items such as apples as well as squash and other vegetables. There are many fall cooking classes available that will have plenty of slots for dozens of guests. Many chefs may also offer private lessons. They can come to your company’s site and have your employees learn how to cook brand new recipes. If you have an onsite kitchen, you can make good use of it for everyone at the office.

Giving Back to the Community

fall event ideas

Giving back to the community is one of the single most important things your company can do. Companies that give back to the community are rewarded with a better image. One of the best fall event ideas is to create a chance for employees to find ways to serve others. For example, employees can volunteer at food banks to help the needy get a meal for Thanksgiving. Organize a blood drive at work to donate back to the community. Ask employees to collect books for your local library. Have them spend time at a children’s hospital as a team reading stories to kids who are hospitalized during this time.

Food Tasting

fall event ideas

Food and wine are a great part of the season. Now is the time to bring them to your employees. Have your own Oktoberfest. This classic German celebration is very much part of the season. Employees can do the planning. They can come up with German-themed food ideas to serve a large crowd. People can also come up with drinks like beer and wine that work well with everything you’re going to serve. Everyone can sit back and relax together in a congenial and relaxed work setting.

No matter which fall event idea you choose for your company, showing your team that you want to reward them for their hard work will mean a lot. If you’re in need of an event venue, MIT Endicott House has several options for any type of event!


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