Corporate Team-Building Activities: Top 2018 Trends - MIT Endicott House
Having regular team-building activities ensures employees remain productive, get to know each other better, and their communication, team-building, and problem-solving skills are sharpened. It is also a great way to release tension, relax and have some fun especially after a stressful or involving work season. Choosing the activities and the venue are critical to attaining the team building goals. Some of the considerations to think about are the size of the team, the time you have for the activity, budget, and purpose.

If you are planning corporate team-building activities, you need to come up with activities that help build trust, solve problems, enhance teamwork, adaptability and communication skills. At the end of the program, the team should leave happier, more relaxed, better friends, and learn a few skills they can make use of at work or home. Getting to know your team personally will help you decide on appropriate activities. Here are some suggestions.

The Game of Chances

When holding a conference, it is always good to break the ice. This will leave the team more relaxed and eager to learn and share what they can with the other members. The game of chance is an ideal icebreaker. Give one person an object and then have him stand in front of the whole team and demonstrate, without speaking, what the object is. He can use his hands, body language or facial expressions to explain what the object is.

The team will have to guess what it is with the winning group or person getting a gift. The game can go on for some time with different people demonstrating objects, but you can limit the time the rest of the team should get the answer. This game tries to bring out the creativity from the individual members. It also releases tension when members make ridiculous suggestions.

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Zorb Football

This outdoor activity will not only leave the team in stitches but it will also demonstrate their leadership, teamwork, strengths, tactics and communication skills. The players are encased in a zorb, a transparent inflated ball, that covers the upper part of their body. They are expected to play the game just as they would a typical game of football. Divide the team into groups and then have them play against one another. Each of the winning teams can, later on, compete to get the ultimate winner. It is fun watching the members try to move around with the torus covering their upper bodies. The laughter, cheering and the outcome will be an experience the team will not forget easily. This game requires a sizable outdoor arena. The more the team members, the merrier the game will be.

The Room Escape

This is a popular game that helps the team know each other better as they work together to solve the puzzles and problems they encounter. You can divide the team into different groups depending on the size then lock each in a room where they are expected to solve puzzles, find hidden clues and objects with the sole aim of finding the key that will unlock the door. The exercise sounds simple, but it isn’t. Some may not even find the key within the allocated time. The fundamental values the group learns are working as a team, leadership, and patience.

A Karaoke Night

If you are looking for weekend corporate team-building activities, a karaoke night can be an ideal night activity. This can work best if you have an extroverted group. Divide the team into groups, or if it is not too big, you can have each member sing in turn. If you include a contest, this will add more fun to the event. The best performing group or person gets rewarded.

Board Games

Board games are ideal for a more relaxed set up such as an evening. When the program runs for several days, the games can fill up some of the nights when the members do not want exercises that are too involving, but at the same time, they want to have fun. There are many games to choose from including plain old cards, Jenga and boggle. You can divide the team into groups then allocate each a specific game. The winners are accorded gifts then the games interchanged until all the groups have tried all the available games. The games bring out the competitive side of each member and at the same time help them unwind and get to bond.

Cooking Contests

Everyone loves good food. A cooking contest will not only bring out the competitive spirit in each member as they try to whip a dish that is not only delicious but will outdo the other groups. Divide the team into groups then give them the ingredients. You can request for the specific dish each group will make or let them decide for themselves. The groups’ creativity, leadership, decision-making, planning, communication and teamwork skills will be at test. The team that comes up with the best food will not only have a great time sampling what they made, but they can expect gifts and accolades from the other members.

Other than a cooking contest, you can also arrange for a cooking class. This can be fun especially if most of the team members love cooking. You can invite a well-known chef to give tips on how to prepare different dishes. The team will have enough time afterward trying out the recipes and exchanging notes. This is a great time to get to know each other amidst the great aromas and new experiences.

The list is endless. The most important factor to consider is the venue and your team’s preferences. This will determine the kind of activities you can go for. Utilizing a venue like the Endicott House that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor activities can be a plus because you will be less limited. This will ensure that everyone in the team gets involved in an exercise they like. For more information on reservations options and pricing, call us today at 617-523-5211, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.