History Series Quiz - MIT Endicott House

Welcome to your History Series Quiz

The first perfect score we receive will win a virtual teambuilding event for 10 people!

1. What prominent MA family owned the property, prior to the Endicott’s?
2. Who was the landscape architect that designed the gardens on property?
3. How was the food transported to the third floor and how was it kept warm?
4. Which room in the house has painted ceilings that the Endicott’s brought over craftsmen from Italy to hand paint?
5. What was shown in the hidden cubby inside Mrs. Endicott’s suite?
6. Mr. Endicott was offered to become Governor of what US state?
7. What was Brad Endicott’s favorite hobby?
8. The Endicott’s hired local townsmen to keep them employed during the depression, to erect what landmark on the family’s property?
9. What room was used for entertaining and pre-dinner cocktail drinks?