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Next Level Summer Grilling Techniques

by MIT Endicott House

Grilling is a summer tradition. This summer, aim to take it up a notch. Here are five tips to take your summer grilling to the next level.

Tip One: Start With a Clean Slate

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There is no bigger sin in grilling culture than grilling on a dirty grill. No one wants their chicken to taste like last night’s fish! To clean your grill, start scraping the grill grates with a grill cleaning brush while the grill is still hot. This brush can be made of nylon, metal, or wire. Once the grates are clean, take a rag and wipe them down with cooking oil to prevent rust.

summer grilling

Tip Two: Avoid the Char

No one wants to cut through a layer of grill char to get to their meat. When cooking thick meat on the bone, it is tempting to turn up the grill to try to cook it all the way through. This is the cause of charred meat, and it can be avoided by turning the grill to a lower temperature and allowing it to cook with indirect heat. Another way to reduce the char? Try pre-cooking things like bone-in chicken and ribs before they hit the grill. A simple 15-20 minutes in the oven will help it cook the whole way through while avoiding char.

Tip Three: Prep First So You Can Socialize Later

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Want to have a nice, relaxing time grilling with friends? Prep everything you need before they get there. Have all meats and vegetables cut and marinated, and pour any sauces that need to be applied mid-grill into small bowls. Take all of your food, sauces, and grill tools to the grill before starting to avoid running back and forth from the kitchen. This way, you can split your concentration between cooking and conversation without having to stop to fetch something you forgot.

Tip Four: Invest in a Meat Thermometer

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It is difficult for the average griller to know when their meats are cooked to the perfect temperature. Enter the meat thermometer, an inexpensive purchase that will ensure your meat is cooked perfectly every time.

Still want to go without the thermometer while summer grilling? Try the touch test. Touch your meat. If it feels like the skin between your thumb and index finger, it is cooked to a rare consistency. If it feels like the texture of your cheek, it is medium rare, and if it is firm like your forehead, it is well done.

Tip Five: Use a Spray Bottle to Save Your Food’s Flavor

summer grilling

When cooking on the grill, you use fattier cuts in order to cultivate the best flavor. As the fat cooks off, it drips into the grill, causing the fire to flare up. Too much of a flare up can char the meat in an unpleasant manner, threatening the overall taste. Use a spray bottle full of water to fight the flames without lowering the overall heat of the grill.

Grilling is the hallmark of summer. With these five tips, you’re sure to have tasty gatherings all season long.


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